I am a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle with a Bachelors degree in “Audio Design Technology”. The program has given me experience in studio operations including signal flow, microphone selection and placement, outboard gear processing and working with real world clients. Through this program I have been trained in Pro Tools HD 10/11 systems, Reason, Sibelius, Adobe Premier Pro, and Apple’s Final Cut Studio.

Over a five-month period from May 2015 to September 2015 I was an assistant engineer at Jack Straw Cultural Center for a school sponsored internship. At Jack Straw I had the opportunity to work with visual impaired students and teach them how to write songs (dealing with chord and story structures) and then record their original music. I also had the opportunity to be lead engineer on audio projects. This enabled me to have real world client experience as well as exercise my skills as a leader and teacher.

Spanning 2009 to 2013 I worked as an editor, audio engineer and composer for a small company called Gradient Productions in Portland, Oregon. During my time there I worked on projects ranging from thirty second to six minute marketing videos. My duties included logging, transcoding, organizing footage and editing together rough cuts, work prints and answer prints for the producer. I was also responsible for all audio related tasks in the projects such as sound editing/design, mixing and music composition. As the in-house composer, I created music that catered to the specific needs of the client including feel and timing. All projects were had a combination of MIDI and real instruments.


  • 2 Years

    2014 - Present

    Social Media Coordinator - The Art Institute of Seattle

    Created long term and short term social media strategies. Responsible for updating content on all social platforms daily. Grew platform interactions by over 200% across the board. Developed content such as graphics, copy and photos for each platform.

  • 1 Years

    May 15 - Sept 15

    Assistant Engineer (Intern) - Jack Straw Cultural Center

    Mentored and taught visually impaired youth the art of songwriting and recording. Engineered sessions with a producer for client work. Assisted in set-up & Signal ow for studio operation. Edited and mixed projects for promotional material.

  • 4 Years

    2009 - 2013

    Post Production

    Edited video for internal marketing and commercial products. Sound design and recording for post- production projects. Transcoded, organized and delivered media in various formats. Composed original music for commercials, campaigns & performances.